Fragrance Touch Light

Each one brings a pleasant ambiance to your home, with the added convenience of electric light. You can adjust the lighting  for a hint of a glow, or bright light with the dial 5" tall.


Our line of jewelry will complement any attire or occasion. All you need to do is wear it. We carry earrings, brackets, necklaces & sets.

Health & Beauty

Turn back the signs of time! Discover younger, more luminous skin in days with our products to effectively moisturize and protect the skin from dryness. Get a face lift without the surgery! Erase fine lines and aging signs with our collagen care gel.

Fragrance Body Oil

Let the real you out. Delightfulscent carries an array of fragrances that will tantalize the senses both for women & men. With oil you're guarantee almost a whole day of you. 

Poly-Resin Warmers

Figurine electric oil  lamp are are made from Poly Resin or ceramic instead of glass. Unit comes with top dish and a 35 amp halogen light bulb. The UL listed wire has a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness of the lamp to the amount fragrance to be released.

Home Fragrance Oil

Our oils are perfect for every-day wear, whether at the office or at enjoying a high-class evening dinner. Also provides a relaxing and uplifting qualities that leave users with a sense of calm and balance.